Sons of the Pioneers

All in all, they’re just as influential to American culture – and Americana – as Levis, Baseball, and Betsy Ross.” — RHAPSODY.COM

Who are the Sons of the Pioneers, and how can they call themselves “legends of Western music”? The short answer is that they Sons of the Pioneers singularly built a new genre and library of music that is an American original. When you think of the West, the term evokes the image of the singing cowboy and of songs that paint vivid mental pictures of tumbling tumbleweeds, cool water, tall timber and that ornery strawberry roan.

Enter the Sons of the Pioneers in 1934. They were different right from the start. Their songs painted unforgettable images and stories of horses, cattle, cowboys, night herds, canyons and prairies. Many of these songs were original compositions by founding members Bob Nolan and Tim Spencer. Together with Roy Rogers (then known as Leonard Sly) they created a whole new library of music. The group and their music garnered millions of national and international fans from over 90 movies, numerous radio shows, major label recording projects and later television appearances.

The Sons of the Pioneers inspired the creation of countless Western singing groups. Today the Sons of the Pioneers are still mesmerizing long-term fans and creating new ones. They continue to play to sell-out crowds and standing ovations. As Doug Green said, “It’s not something that is connected to hit records and charts and fads. It’s just an eternal interest in the American West and they sing about it beautifully and it’s written beautifully and that’s something that just will never go out of style.”


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