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2018 - 2019 Season

From the mind of Chris Rupp, founder of "Home Free" and the “Chris Rupp Project,” comes a brand new vocal quartet --- 7th Ave. --- that is forging a new identity in the music world. Coming together in 2016, each member has a unique musical and performance background, allowing for exciting possibilities. Combining elements of pop, swing, rockabilly, country, and much more, 7th Ave is aiming to reinvent and uproot the standard definitions of all of those genres through their innovative arrangements and fun music videos. 7th Ave doesn’t want to pursue just one set and defined musical genre. They have a lot of heavy vocal harmony in their songs, which lends itself well to both country and jazz, but they have such strong and diverse musical backgrounds that they can create a rich blend of styles. Check out their videos reinventing songs like “No,” “Hallelujah,” “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” “Uptown Funk,” and their “Millennial Medley” --- all on their first album "Debut."

7th Avenue Quartet


October 10, 2018

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Welcome to 7th Ave – we are so happy that you found us!